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Insurance options

Which is the right insurance plan for me?

Emergency insurance or travel health insurance?

  • Traveling within the EU: Due to the social security treaty you may be medically insured within all EU countries. BUT not all costs will be reimbursed, especially medical repatriation to your home country is not included. » Either you cover medical repatriation and take out emergency insurance or you choose travel health insurance which also includes treatment costs in case of illness/accident abroad.
  • Destination worldwide excluding USA & Canada: Your national/home health insurance will not cover costs abroad. Medical treatment can be expensive and medical repatriation requires excessive organizational effort. »Travel health insurance covers these risks with unlimited medical coverage and provides 24-hour emergency help in various languages.
  • Destination worldwide including USA & Canada: The health system in the USA strongly differs from other countries. Additionally, there is no scale of charges and therefore medical costs can be extremely high. For entry into the USA there are specific visa requirements on health insurance (e.g. claims office in the USA) »CareMed Global provides worldwide coverage outside of your home country with unlimited medical coverage (incl. medical repatriation) and fullfils requirements for entry into the USA (e.g. J1, J2, H2B, F1 visa).

Should I choose a deductible or no deductible?

If you choose the deductible option, it is your responsibility to pay the indicated deductible amount per illness/accident to the medical facility. The remaining amount can be reimbursed by your CareMed insurance. This is a personal choice.

Do I need additional insurances?

  • Travel accident insurance: If you add this coverage, a one-time sum will be paid in case of permanent disability as a result of an accident (e.g. restricted mobility, paralysis or amputation).
  • Travel third party liability insurance: provides protection against the dangers of everyday life for which you are responsible and must therefore remunerate others. In such cases CareMed insurance not only regulates the damages, but also checks whether a compensation liability exists. Unjustified claims are defended.
  • Return trip emergency insurance/travel assistance: covers costs for a return trip due to an emergency as well as a bedside visit of a person close to the insured.
  • Travel luggage insurance: covers checked lost or damaged luggage or if luggage is lost or damaged as a result of theft, fire or elemental occurrences.
  • Travel cancelation insurance: needs to be purchased separately. In case that you cannot travel due to a covered event (e.g. unexpected severe illness, serious accident), your cancelation costs will be reimbursed up to the covered travel price.

Who can enroll for travel health insurance?


  • CareMed travel insurance can be taken out regardless of your nationality.
  • Home country is the country of your permanent residency or the country where you have regular health insurance.
  • Please make sure that you do have insurance as soon as you return back to your home country.

Age limitations

CareMed offers different insurance plans depending on age and personal situation. Therefore, minimum and maximum age may be different can be different according to the applicable policy. Basically, insurance application is possible for persons older than 3 months and younger than 65 years.

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