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You are already abroad and need health insurance? As you might now, travel insurance shall be taken out prior to the start of travel and for the complete stay abroad. From our experience we know, however, that there are situations in which travel plans unexpectedly change and an international health insurance is needed abroad. Therefore, we are happy to inform you that CareMed offers unique travel insurance which you may take out even though you are already abroad. Please note that pre-existing conditions will be excluded from coverage, of course, and that there is a waiting period in certain cases

Current notes regarding the coronavirus / COVID-19
In case you are already abroad, please note that pre-existing conditions are excluded from coverage and there is a waiting period of 31 days for illnesses if there is no proof of active insurance coverage. If your previous insurance should end due to the current situation or excludes a pandemic or COVID-19, the insurer will later check on a case-by case basis whether this can be recognized as previous insurance to waive the waiting period.

CareMed offers insurance in the following situations

  • You have insurance coverage for your trip from another provider and your travel plans are changing while already traveling abroad. That is why you need protection for the additional time? CareMed has the applicable insurance plan for your remaining stay, check your quote and enroll easily online. Please select the day after the initial end of coverage as the start date for CareMed insurance so that there is no gap of insurance coverage.
  • You are working abroad and you are obligatory health insured for this stay by another insurance provider. You need travel insurance covering you for a trip to another country? CareMed is glad to offer options to insure you during your vacation.
  • You just started your trip and realized that you forgot to buy insurance? Hurry up and apply for CareMed travel insurance today. Please note that pre-existing conditions will be excluded and there will be a waiting period for illnesses. That is why your application shall be submitted as soon as possible for your own protection.

Note regarding waiting period

Please note that pre-existing conditions will be excluded with international insurance. Additionally, there will be a waiting period of 31 days for illnesses. The waiting period is waived in the event of an acute and life-threatening illness or for accidents. Up until the beginning of the insurance period, a comparable pre-insurance will be credited against the waiting period. In case of a claim this proof of insurance shall be submitted to be checked individually.

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To enroll for international insurance, please answer an additional question under “Travel insurance while abroad”. Check right away and get a quote for CareMed insurance today.

In order to save time, please feel free to give us a call and let us talk about your current situation. Alternatively, you may use our contact form and we are happy to send you a quote.

Are you currently in your home country?

Travel insurance shall be taken out for the entire stay at once to be fully insured. A combination of different insurance plans is not recommended as pre-existing conditions will be excluded from coverage, for example.


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