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Payment options

for your CareMed insurance application

In the following, you will find our payment methods including detailed information concerning terms and conditions as well as security regulations.

Time of debit

With the exception of payment by bank transfer, the payment will be processed during the application process immediately after entry and confirmation of your payment details. Afterwards, CareMed insurance documents are available for download and will be sent by e-mail after confirming your e-mail address.

Information on account or credit card holder

Of course, it is possible to take out insurance for another person, for example if parents or friends process the insurance application. Insured person and account or credit card holder do not need to correspond.


All payments are processed through a secure, PCI DSS certified website. Further information concerning PCI DSS certification is available here.


A payment via your PayPal account is possible as total amount in Euro. Useful information is summarized on the PayPal Website. When choosing PayPal as your payment option during the application process, you will automatically be forwarded to the PayPal website.

Credit card

Credit card payment via Visa, Mastercard and American Express may be transacted as total amount in Euro or US Dollar. During the application process you will be forwarded to the secure payment site where you enter your credit card information.  

Safety procedures Verified by Visa, Mastercard 3D-Secure® or American Express SafeKey®
In order to make credit card payments as secure as possible and to minimize fraud risks, payments need to be carried out via Verified by Visa, 3D-Secure process or American Express SafeKey® . If your credit card has not yet been authorized for this purpose, the authorization can be done either during the payment process or in advance on the website of your bank.
Further information on the security procedure is available on this website for example.

Wire transfer

Within the European payment area (SEPA) you may transfer the insurance premium as total amount in Euro to our bank account free of charge. Payment information will be provided after application online and sent via e-mail.

Special characteristic
The premium needs to be received by CareMed 3 days prior to departure at the latest. For insurance applications at short notice, please choose a different payment option. Insurance confirmation will be available after payment receipt.

Direct debit, ONLY from a GERMAN BANK ACCOUNT

Direct debit can be selected as one-time or monthly payment in Euro. In the payment process, you enter the German bank account on the secure website and confirm the SEPA direct debit mandate online to initiate the payment. In case of a monthly direct debit, we provide a payment summary as part of the insurance documents.

Of course, CareMed insurance coverage is only guaranteed if insurance premium is received.


Do you have questions concerning our payment methods or your payment?

In case you are not sure which option to choose or you have questions concerning a processed payment, please feel free to contact us. We will check your application and will get back to you quickly.

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