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preparations for your stay abroad

What happens with my health insurance at home?

Please inform your insurance provider about your stay abroad and make sure that you are regularly insured once you return home. This is especially important in case of medical repatriation. Medical repatriation to your home country is covered by CareMed. Further treatment costs should be covered by your insurance at home as these will not be reimbursed by travel insurance.

Pre-departure preparations

  • Vaccinations: Depending on destination certain preventive vaccines may be reasonable which are not covered by travel health insurance. Please discuss this with your doctor at home. Keep in mind that some vaccines need to be done more than one time so that this should be checked early prior to departure.
  • Medicine: Do you need certain medication on a regular basis? These will not be covered by travel health insurance. That is why you should ask your doctor to prescribe them in advance or discuss other options. It is also recommended to get a check-up prior to your stay abroad.
  • Dentist: A check-up with the dentist is also advisable.
  • Eye specialist/optician: Do you have glasses or contact lenses? Please check with your doctor if everything is fine.
  • Important documents: you may deposit copies of your travel documents (e.g. passport, flight tickets) and possibly medical documents online (please check data protection of the chosen provider).

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