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work and travel

Online application

easy, fast & secure

Application in 4 easy steps

  1. after entering some key data the applicable insurance plan will be shown
  2. choice of insurance options (e.g. health insurance or insurance package)
  3. entry of personal data and payment information
  4. after submission of all data your insurance documents are available

Insurance documents

  • after submitting your application successfully all insurance documents are shown and can be printed or downloaded
  • additionally you will receive all documents by e-mail
  • during your stay abroad all documents as well as important information are available under login

Insurance application for several people

After enrollment you may take out insurance for further travelers with same travel dates. Travel data will be saved and can either be kept or changed. Each person will be enrolled individually.


Online application is processed via a coded website which guarantees a safe enrollment with secure data transfer and payment (SSL certificate which is shown by "https").

Changes to CareMed insurance

In case your travel plans change, you may adapt your travel insurance accordingly. Please login with your personal data. Here you may request a renewal or cancelation of your insurance. Please see the requirements for changes online as well. If your contact data or payment information change, please shortly write us an e-mail and we will process these changes for you.

Certified Payment

PCI Compliance


WYSE travel


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