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Work and travel participants, volunteers and globetrotters trust CareMed when dealing with travel insurance. CareMed insurance includes extensive and reasonable priced health insurance for persons traveling worldwide. Travel assistance, luggage, accident and third party liability insurance can optionally be added. Regardless of your nationality, you can buy travel insurance easily online, starting at € 27,00/US$ 42.70 per month depending on destination.

Why is travel health insurance so important?

What to consider when checking travel insurance options

Compare insurance plans: Travel insurance should be adapted to the needs of long-term travelers and particularly work & travel participants. The price should not be crucial. Insurance benefits and terms and conditions of your travel health insurance are relevant, too.

Why has CareMed insurance the applicable coverage?

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I recently purchased CareMed travelers' insurance for an extended trip abroad. The online process couldn't have been easier, and the customer service representative I corresponded with was both prompt and helpful in her responses to my questions.

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