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You are already abroad and need health insurance? Travel insurance always needs to be taken out prior to the start of travel and for the complete stay abroad, although we know that there are special situations which might lead to the need of insurance during your travel. Under certain conditions, CareMed offers unique travel insurance which provides coverage while abroad. Please note that pre-existing conditions will be excluded from coverage.

CareMed offers insurance in the following cases

Check if you are eligible for travel insurance while abroad

In order to check if you are able to enroll for travel insurance even even while abroad, you need to answer some additional questions during the application process. Check and get a quote for CareMed insurance today.

Preferably, we will be pleased to verify your situation over the phone. Please feel free to contact us as soon as posssible.

Note: If you are currently in your home country you need to enroll for the entire stay at once.

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Finding travel insurance for more than one month of leisure travel to add-on after study abroad seemed next to impossible, until I found CareMed Plus travel insurance. The professionals there have been most responsive and helpful.

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